This is a great 45-minute introduction to indoor cycling and will take your workout to a whole new fitness level, while losing yourself in the music. No other cardio workout comes close the caloric burn that indoor cycling does. We will warn you though, you just might become addicted.



If you are craving something more challenging in your routine, join us for a full-body indoor cycling workout. During this 45-minute session, we’ve included some upper body strengthening using light dumbbells to further challenge you, while maintaining with those fat-burning cardio levels. Come on in and give your upper body something to scream about.



Challenge yourself to this endurance ride along with more hills, more climbs, more toning, and more fat burning. We’ll increase the tension on our cycles to endure more of those feel good endorphins. Towels available because you are going to sweat!



This high-intensity endurance workout will challenge your entire body for a full 60 minutes. You will sweat, tone, and feel the burn! This spiced-up workout includes several anaerobic intervals and trains the WHOLE body building a strong core. This is unquestionably a class for the passionate cyclist.



An effective and entertaining night out for your 12-17 year old participant. Both the instructor and the music are hip and sure to please! We will ride for a full 45 minutes to a special soundtrack just for younger adults. This night also includes 60 minutes of food and social time after our ride.



In a hurry, but still hungry for a quick workout? Join us for a 30-minute express cardio party that will leave you feeling as if you’ve achieved so much over your lunch break. After this quick workout grab our signature snack sack on your way out. This is a great workout to bring a friend along, just make sure they register for their ride! This is beginner to intermediate level.


Have a need to just throw on those head phones and ride to your own beat? If you’re ready to increase your cycling performance without the time requirements and safety hazards present in road cycling, you need an indoor cycle that gives you the same feeling and benefits as your bike does. SpinZone will be open at various times throughout the week for individuals to just ride for 60-minute sessions. See calendar for open cycle times.